A Quick Look At Some Of The Newest Portable Vaporizers of 2020

Here at Vaporizer Station, we wanted to review some of the latest and most exciting portable vaporizers to come out in 2020. Most of these vaporizers are different in terms of what we’ve seen in the past as far as portability, battery life, value, style and sleekness. Another thing we’ve noticed about the newer portable vaporizers is that manufacturers are aiming towards much more compact and portable vaporizers. The battery life on these units has also improved quite a bit.

Other factors that we noticed that are changing are, 1) better materials being used that allow for a much cleaner vape, like glass-on-glass technology. 2) Less combustion and better vaporization. Manufacturers are catching on to the fact that people expect true vaporization and little or no combustion. 3) Value is the key here. These vaporizers are becoming much more affordable and delivering more for your buck. For instance, the miVape vaporizer at $249.99 gives you a comparable vaping experience that matches what you get with the Crafty by Volcano which retails at around $339.

In the future, we expect the price of vaporizers to come down, even for vaporizers like the Crafty or the Mighty which retail well over $300. More competition and better products will mean that manufacturers will have to compete to deliver vaporizers that are more affordable and give consumers a better value.

KandyPens K Vape Vaporizer

Great vaporizer pen that gives you a decent herbal vaporization experience at only a 100 bucks. The KandyPens K Vape comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This is rather impressive since most portable vaporizer that are on the affordable side tend to breakdown and get damaged pretty easily. The K Vape offers three temperature settings which essentially makes it easy to control how much vapor clouds you want in your draws. The other great thing about the K Vape is that uses BPA-free materials. This is good news since BPA materials tend to be really bad for your health and the whole point of vaping is to protect your health. The KandyPens K Vape retails at around $99, which is actually pretty good price.

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer

This is one of the other vaporizers that we felt performs well, it is super discreet and small and it delivers a decent vaping experience. We did notice that it does combust herbs a little bit, so we weren’t all that impressed by its performance. The Vaporirte Cosmic nonetheless is great if you plan on taking your vaporizer around town since it comes with a portable power source. Lastly, the sleek leather and chrome materials make this vaporizer look real stylish and sleek.

miVape Vaporizer

The miVape is one of those vaporizers that everyone has been waiting for a while. We had a chance to get our hands on one of these units and it performs rather well. In fact, we think that you get almost the same performance that you get with the Crafty or even the Ascent. The miVape is a good contender and we expect it to compete rather well with the best portable vaporizers in the market today. One of the few things that we didn’t like about the miVape is that it overheats a little bit. After using it for about an hour, the device tends to be a bit hot and it is advisable that you put down and let cool off. Other than that, the miVape is a great vaporizer that is worth checking out.

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