Arizer Extreme Q Accessories

The Arizer Extreme Q is amazing vaporizer, but a lot of people neglect to get some of the great accessories it comes with. If you are going to make this your main desktop vape then you are going to want to get some the optional product upgrades. Sure it will be a bit more expensive but it will definitely improve your vape experience. Some of the extra parts you can get to increase functionality are:

  • Arizer Balloon Kit
    Arizer Mouthpiece
    Arizer Tuff Bowl
    Arizer Cyclone Bowl
    Arizer Elbow Adaptor
    Arizer Whip Kit
    Arizer Screen Pack

The Elbow Adapter is a must for people that are looking to combine the Arizer Extreme Q with a water filtration system. The balloon kit is nice for group sessions and the screen pack is good because eventually you are going to have to get more anyways.