Ascent – Vape Review

Ascent Portable Weed Vaporizer

Ascent Portable Weed Vaporizer

Our Vaperspective

This is one hell of a vaporizer, we were really excited to get a test unit from DaVinci for us to review.  We got the unit in about to two weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it.  You can really taste the purity of the vapor from the all glass air 2 path, the unit heats up fast and the battery will give you a few hours worth of vaping every time.  Make sure to clean your Ascent often to ensure that you are always getting the largest clouds of vapor possible.  Also don’t forget to finely grind your weed before you vape, this really helps improve performance and evenly vape the weed.

What do the Experts think?

Andrew Tarantola – Versatility

You know vaporizers like the Ascent are starting to get really popular when reviews like this one start showing up on on huge sites like Gizmodo.  In Tarantola’s review he puts the Ascent vaporizer up against the popular portable vaporizer known as the Pax.

A retractable glass mouthpiece pulls out from the top of the unit, next to the power button and integrated stainless steel poker. The vapor pathway is all glass, which better preserves the vapor’s flavor and doesn’t impart the horrid plasticky taste that the last Da Vinci we tested did. The lower third of the unit swings 180 degrees open to reveal the heating chamber. To handle both types of material, the Ascent relies on a glass insert (two are included) to hold concentrates, waxes, and oils while loose leaf can simply be ground and stuffed into the heating chamber itself.

The Cannabist also had a great review of the Ascent Vaporizer written by Ben Livingston that you can read here.  I would recommend only loading the herb chamber about halfway, that way you can still get good air 2 flow around the finely ground herb and as a result you will actually get thicker vapor than you would if you packed the chamber to it’s capacity.

Vapors” over at Kinja also had a very favorable review of the Ascent, and for good reason.  You can get the Ascent in a few different styles including Carbon Fiber, Stealth or Burl Wood.  Depending on where you buy it you will also get a free grinder so make sure to check around before you click buy.

The widely successful Vape Critic had this to say:  “The glass pathway is actually a two-piece thing, and the top piece like I showed you pulls out from the top, and then to get this piece out you first push on it from the top, it starts to come out, and then you could get your nail under there or somethin to pull it out the rest of the way.  Alright so this is the piece that’s in there. Now it is fair 2ly dirty, so if you want to talk about cleaning this is basically the part that looks like you’re gonna need to clean.  This was after a dozen sessions or so, so you know that’s about average for a portable vape, they all need to be cleaned occasionally.  The way this one works, I don’t know if you could even see it, it’s probably too small, but it has four little holes at the end of the glass piece here, and that’s where the vapor will actually pass through up tot he mouthpiece.”