Baker Dab Vaporizer Review

baker dab desktop vaporizer kit full review

The Baker Vaporizer is a brand new vaporizer for herbs and concentrates.  It is incredibly powerful and can reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit in a little over a minute.  The heating chamber is made of ceramic and it comes with an all glass globe.  It is compatible with 14mm or 18mm connections is actually more smaller than it appeared online.  It comes with a few accessories as well that include a dabber tool, some whip tubing, 14mm PonG adapter (plastic on glass), 18mm PonG and a 14mm GonG (glass on glass) adapter.

Made by VaporBlunt, the same people that make the super popular Pinnacle Pro vaporizer the Baker vaporizer was meant to impress.  It is a super powerful vaporizer for concentrates that does exactly what it supposed to do.  Although it might look slightly unimpressive when you first lay eyes on it the second you get your hands and wax on it you will know that it is real game changer.  I would recommend starting out with a couple of grams of indica and easing into the vaporizer slowly.  It is a very powerful desktop whip-style vape for concentrates that can run over you if you are not careful so make sure to vape with caution when you first start using the device.

What are the Experts saying?

The world renowned Vape Fiend reviewed the the Baker Vaporizer and had only great things to say about it.  After carefully detailing the temperature settings and going over all the different accessories that come with the Baker he had this to say:

The Baker’s simple temperature dial operation allows you to choose your vaporization temperature from between 300 and 800 F (140-425c), making it the first vaporizer that allows for true vaporization of herbs at lower temperatures (300-400F/150-215c), pressed solid resins and powders at medium temperatures (390-500F/200-260c) as well as high-temperature aromatherapy oil dabs (700-800F/370-425c).

The Baker comes supplied with a stainless steel herb chamber, or “bullet” and a whip attachment or 14mm and 18mm water tool adapters for use with herbs, and a titanium bullet and glass dome for use with oils. The whip also has a glass-on-glass 14mm water tool adapter integrated, so it can be attached to 14mm water tools (like the Pinnacle Pro Water Tool or f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube) without any additional adapters.

Vaporizers Reviewed went on to talk extensively about the Baker vaporizer and noted that VaporBlunt continues to manufacture quality vaporizers that are built to stand the test of time.

Right now the industry is bustling with new products, some just announced, some seeking funding, some fully funded and ready to hit the masses. Some companies are more transparent that others of course, So VapeTracker will seek out the new vapes in development, and try its best to follow along with updates as things get moving along towards dropping. And then look for the review to soon follow!

Vapor Nation also agrees that the Baker Vaporizer is truly a work of art.  Not only is the vaporizer easy to use but it is also very efficient.  The temperature dial is straightforward and the heating element was built with longevity in mind.

The VaporBlunt team went back into the lab, this time creating their first plugin unit; The Baker. Reaching temperatures up to 700 degrees, The Baker has the potential to efficiently vaporize all flower and essential oil blends effortlessly. It also has the ability to reach 370-400 degrees within 3 minutes and 700 degrees within 5 minutes. Only 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, The Baker is very compact for a table top unit. It utilizes a ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber for holding your material.

 How to use the Baker Vaporizer

Now that you have read a bit about the Baker Vaporizer it is time to learn how to use it.  Spend a couple of minutes and watch these useful Youtube videos, after you have watched them all you will be more than ready to vape with the Baker.

Author: Millikesse