Best New Vaporizer: Vapir Prima

Out of all the new vaporizers that have been released this year, the Prima from Vapir is the one that’s really worth getting excited about. The Prima is a portable unit that supports both herb and wax concentrates, and works great with both. It looks great and feels great in your hand. The build quality is above average when compared to other portables. Constructed from heavy-duty brushed aluminum, the Prima feels very solidly built and seems like it will handle daily use very well. Let’s break down all of the Prima’s features and see how it compares to the other big name portable vaporizers released in 2020.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Prima is its hip, modern styling. The brushed finish and color selection is somewhat reminiscent of the PAX 2, which is a comparison I’m sure Vapir is more than happy to hear. Aesthetics isn’t necessarily something they’ve done a great job with in the past. Their last portable, the Oxygen Mini, looked terrible. I understand Vapir was trying to do something a little different, and I applaud that. However, they missed the mark pretty bad with that one. They did a much better job with the styling of the Rise, their popular desktop unit. When I first heard Vapir had a new portable on the way, I wasn’t expecting it to be as well designed as the Prima ended up being. You can tell a lot of time was taken to ensure that the Prima would appeal visually to the masses. Kudos Vapir.

From a size standpoint, the Prima is about the same size as the Crafty, but feels a tad bit bulkier and heavier in your pocket. While I’d say units like the Goboof Alfa and PAX 2 rank higher in overall portability, the Prima’s ergonomic design lends itself very well to on-the-go usage, and can easily be transported and used while you’re out and about.


The Prima has 4 preset heat settings: Level 1: (350°-360°F), Level 2 : (365°-375°F), Level 3: (380°-390°F), Level 4: (390°-400°F). Notice that the Prima does not heat above 400°F, which ensures minimal combustion. Many other vapes have presets that exceed 420°F, or can be adjusted precisely to around the same temp, which in my opinion sort of defeats the point of vaporizing. Once plant material is heated above 400°F, it beings to combust. For that reason, I like how Vapir decided to have the Prima max out at 400°F.


I’m not typically a fan of portable vaporizers that claim to be multi-functional. In my opinion, units that are specifically designed with a single function in mind tend to perform better overall. However, I’ll give credit where credit is due, as the Prima handles both herb and wax concentrates beautifully!

When vaping wax, you just drop one of the mesh pads into the chamber and place your dab on top. When you’re done and want to switch back to herb, just use the little took that comes with the Prima to sort of scoop the pad it. You’re then good to pack dry herbs directly into the chamber. I’ve found that you can even leave the mesh pad in the chamber when vaping herbs to avoid having to remove it. Doing so doesn’t seem to adversely affect the taste at all.


The Prima is powered by a 3200mAh Li-ion battery, which will last up for over an hour of continuous use (pretty standard among portables). The battery is removed during charging, and is placed into an included charging dock. Unfortunately, this eliminates the possibility of pass-through charging, which is really one of the only negatives of the unit. However, Vapir covered all the bases with the release of the Prima Power Kit, which includes a Direct Adapter that replaces the Prima’s standard battery. With the direct adapter connected, you can plus the Prima directly into a standard wall outlet and vape freely without having to worry about battery life. Also included in power kit is a Car Adapter which allows you to charge and use the Prima while you’re on the road.


I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy the Prima is to clean and maintain. My biggest gripe about other high end units like the Crafty and PAX 2 is that they build up gunk in places that aren’t terribly easy to access. I’ve had to replace the cooling unit on my Crafty several times because it’s just so dang hard to keep clean. The Prima, however, is a breeze to clean in comparison.

The Prima’s stainless steel vapor path is removable, and easily slides out of the unit. This can dropped in isopropyl alcohol and be completely cleaned with minimal effort. The mouthpiece (which is some sort of hard silicone compound) pops off easily as well and can also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. There is a screen located in the front cap chamber which cleans easily and can also be replaced with ease. The hardest part of the Prima to keep clean is going to be the chamber, but even that shouldn’t be to difficult. My best advice is to give it a light cleaning after wax sessions to avoid prolonged buildup.


There’s really a lot to love about the Prima. It looks great, performs beautifully and is very versatile. It retails for around $260, which is slightly less than the PAX 2 ($280), and considerably less than the Crafty ($340), which is widely considered the best portable vaporizer on the market. The Crafty is obviously a fantastic unit, but honestly, there’s nothing the Crafty does that the Prima doesn’t. If you’re in the market for a high end portable, I recommend taking a chance on the Prima. You’ll be glad you did.

Author: Millikesse