Evoke Vaporizer Coming Soon

evoke hero silver vaporizer

If you haven’t heard about the Evoke yet, you’re in for a treat!

The Evoke is the revolutionary new vaporizer from Loto Labs. What makes the Evoke so special? Two words – Induction Heating.

Sounds fancy – but what is Induction heating?

Induction heating is the result of heat created through magnetic fields. While vaporizers of the past have strictly used conduction or convection heating, the Evoke is the first vaporizer to use the induction heating method. Induction heating isn’t necessarily new technology, as it has been used in several different industrial applications for years. However, Loto Labs will be the first manufacturer to utilize this type of heating method in the vaporizer industry.

Induction works by creating a magnetic field by way of passing alternating current through a copper coil. This magnetic field is used by the Evoke to heat a specially designed metal wick evenly throughout – which means no hot spots. By using this induction core, the Evoke is sure to be the most efficient and precise vaporizer ever created.

Different cores for different functions

Towards the beginning of its inception, the Evoke was originally going to be sold as three separate units; one model compatible with dry herb, one for concentrates and one for e-juice. However, the great minds at Loto Labs were able to streamline the design and integrate an interchangeable induction core system.

The different sized cores will all carry varying degrees of coil inductance, which will all be optimized for heating different material – giving the term versatility a whole new meaning.

Coolest looking vaPORIZER ever?

I’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with nearly every vaporizer to hit the market in the past five years, and I’ve never seen anything that matches the sheer beauty of the Evoke. Built from premium, medical grade, including aerospace grade aluminum, glass, silicon and ceramic, it’s clear that Loto Labs is committed to providing the consumer with the highest quality vaporizer ever produced. The Evoke’s elegant, sleek, sexy wood grain design doesn’t just appeal to the eye, but feels great to the touch as well. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Evoke simply feels like an extension of the human body as it sits effortlessly in the palm of your hand.

While there’s no concrete release date for the Evoke just yet, it is available for pre-order at the manufacturer’s website HERE.

Author: Millikesse