Firefly Vape Review

firefly vaporizer handheld

The first thing you notice when you look at the Firefly herbal vaporizer is the wonderful aesthetics, vaporizers are no longer pieces of paraphernalia they are becoming works of art.  The Firefly is a portable convection that vaporizer that is designed specifically for use you with loose-leaf materials.  While their website might say “for use with tobacco” we find that it is most useful with some finely ground marijuana.  You are not going to want to use this with any waxes or oils, that is not what it was designed for and it will ruin the heating chamber, you have been warned.

The stainless steel air 2 path is a breeze to clean and really helps cool down the vapor as you inhale, some vaporizers like the Pax will release a slightly plastic taste that can spoil the aromatics of your favorite strain.  The Firefly comes in Red or Dark Grey, and if Firefly happens to be reading this post we would appreciate a Red one for future reviews.  The vaporizer retails for $269.95, we feel that the price is appropriate for the quality of the unit you are getting.

What do the Experts think?

Matt Bell – Slick, Sophisticated

The review that he posted on the Men’s Journal details the benefits of convection heating elements and also how to operate the unit itself.  Matt says that the Firefly is a standout weed vape that is a far cry from the glass pipes he was accustomed to from his experiences in college.

“The Firefly is unique among portable vaporizers in that it uses a convection system to heat your bud instead of conduction. (In lay terms, conduction systems heat by direct contact, but tend to do so unevenly; convection systems circulate hot air 2 instead and are more efficient.) In part, this explains the Firefly’s jarring $270 price tag, but also the superior experience: This method means you’ll no longer waste precious and pricey chronic weed.”

Gizmodo – Portable Perfection

Andrew Tarantola wrote a review of the Firefly vaporizer back in December of 2013, although he seems to question to validity of the claims stating that vaporization is healthier than smoking overall he had nothing but good things to say about the Firefly.  Andrew disagrees with the $270 price tag and while it is a bit on the expensive side we here at Vaporizer Station still feel that it is reasonable.

Inside the new Firefly marijuana vaporizer

“This device is drop-dead gorgeous. The convection chamber is accessible under the magnetic lift-off face plate—which comes in red, black, and silver—and can be easily monitored through the glass viewing port so you aren’t left wondering when the bowl will be done. Plus, you can see the glow from the proprietary super-alloy heating element, so you know that it’s working.

The Firefly is powered by a hot-swappable li-ion battery pack. The battery requires about 45 minutes to charge fully and lasts roughly 50 hits before dying, though if you’re in a pinch and really gotta light up right now, you can squeeze out about six hits from a 3-5 minute charge, or simply swap it with a fresh (albeit separately sold) battery.”

Ned Hepburn – Indestructible, Dependable

This is a pretty funny review that runs off into a bit of tangent, Ned also talks about his reasons for dropping out of school and why he decided to smoke marijuana.  Overall he really like the Firefly and appreciates the time and effort that went into developing such a lovely device.  He also notes that while you cannot set the Firefly to specific temperatures the vaporizer will deliver consistent heat at nice high heat.

Firefly Vaporizer Heating Chamber

“It’s roughly the same size as one of those old Nokia brick phones from the late ’90s — and about twice as heavy. It certainly could be used as some sort of crude weapon or projectile if things got real bad. Its definitely one of the simpler vapes on the market in that all you have to do is charge it, pack a bowl, press a button, and inhale, and in that aspect it definitely takes a lot of the nuance out of whatever it is you’re smoking. It’s probably really good for bringing to a friend’s place or a concert and not having to think too much about it. It looks really cool. It takes all the hassle out of everything; although I’m slightly worried about putting what amounts to a giant magnet (the front lifts off entirely and is closed by magnets) so close to my face.”

Firefly 2 Coupon Code

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Learn how to use the Firefly

At the end of the day this is a pretty simple device to use for vaping weed, it has a little bit of a learning curve but you should be feeling really comfortable after just a few sessions.  The Firefly like all other vaporizers needs pretty regular cleaning, this will help you get the tastiest vapor and improve the life of your vape.  If you have a brand new unit we would recommend draining the battery 100% the first few times before recharging, this improve the length of the battery life.  The last thing you should remember about the Firefly is that is it backed by a 5-year warranty which is one of the longest warranties available.  Now that have you read the basics it is time to watch some video reviews of the Firefly.  Enjoy!

Author: Millikesse