We Checked Out The G Slim Vape Pen – Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition

In recent times we’ve been noticing an overall trend when it comes to manufacturers and vape pens. One of the major shifts and trends that we’re seeing is that there are a ton of smaller, highly-compact pens coming out today more than ever. This actually makes sense.

As more consumers are turning to vaporizers, there is a demand for more discreet, smaller vape pens. The other thing to keep in mind is that the technology and manufacturing of these pens is also improving. Manufacturers today are able to produce and craft pens that are smaller/more compact without losing performance or battery life. It is only normal that manufacturers have now found ways to make these units much smaller with better and much more advanced technology.

Another thing that we’re noticing is that vape pens are becoming increasingly much more affordable than in years past. The G Slim Vape Pen by Grenco Sciences, for instance, retails at only $24.95. There are many pens out there today that retail at well below $50. A good example of this are the following pens: The Atmos Bullet-2-Go pen, the Dube pen and the White Rhino Sleek pen, among others.

Good examples of the smaller, compact vape pens that have come out in the recent past, includes: the Dr. Dabber Light, VC Agent 7X, and of course, the G-Slim Herbal Vaporizer.


Highly Portable and Super Discreet

The G Slim is one of the smallest pens around. It is much smaller than the other Snoop Dogg pens while still delivering a comparable performance. In fact, we think that this is perhaps the future: pens that are smaller and deliver the same or better results/performance. This is the perfect pen to take out when you’re out an about and don’t want to carry something heavy or too noticeable.

Value and Affordability

The G Slim is highly affordable. The retail price starts at $24.95. You really can’t go wrong with that. There aren’t that many compact pens that go for that price, so the G Slim definitely gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Grenco Sciences Does It Again

Grenco Sciences has partnered up again with one of the most recognizable figures in today’s Cannabis culture world, Snoop Dogg. Grenco Sciences’ pens and vaporizers combine user friendliness along with affordability. This manufacturer has been known to produce decent quality pens at affordable prices. More importantly, Grenco uses good quality materials when it comes to their vape pens. These quality materials include stainless steel encasement and scientifically-hardened glass sleeves.


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