Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Review

goboof alfa vaporizer review

The Alfa is the first vaporizer from European manufacturer Goboof. With so many great manufacturers producing awesome portable units, you’d think Goboof may biting off more than they can chew. However, after having some time check out the Alfa and explore the ins and outs of this new unit, it’s easy to see that Goboof is in it for the long haul, and is doing a lot more than just making ‘clone’ units, like so many other manufacturers out there.


The Alfa is built from high quality materials, and to put it simply, just feels like a well-built unit. As well as convening a feeling of substantiates, it’s also  one of the most discreet and tactical portable herbal vaporizer on the market. It has a true ergonomic design, and is the perfect vaporizer for your on-the-go vaping adventures.

Aside from the body design, I’m also a fan of the mouthpiece featured on the Alfa. While it’s just a simple piece of rubber, it’s exactly what you’d want on a portable unit. While the portability of a lot of other vaporizers is sometimes compromised by glass draw-stems which you have to be very careful handling, the fact that you can just throw the Alfa in your pocket without having to worry about breaking the mouthpiece is a huge plus.


Aside from the three preset temperature options, LO, MID and HI, selectable by way of a simple-to-use rotary dial,  the Alfa also features a gradual heating feature Goboof is calling ‘Smart Puff Technology.’ By selecting either the A/P or A/T, you’ll be able to gradually heat your herbs in a couple different ways.

When the A/P (Automatic Heat-By-Puff) setting is selected, the Alfa’s temperature raises in three degree increments from 374°F after each puff taken until the the highest temperature, 446°F, is achieved. In addition, When Automatic Heat-By-Time (A/T) is selected, your herbs will gradually warm from LO to HI over a time period of twenty minutes. It’s kind of like being able to switch your vaporizer from ‘oven’ to ‘crock-pot’.


The overall portability of many vaporizers is sometimes diminished by poor battery life. This is not the case with the Alfa. Clocking in at nearly two hours of continuous use, the Alfa out-performs nearly every other portable unit on the market. In addition to a plethora of battery life, the Alfa also has pass-through functionality which allows it to be used while it’s charging. There’s nothing more annoying that staring at your vaporizer, totally helpless, while it’s juicing. Now, you won’t have to wait to take a hit.

The bottom line

Overall, I’d say without a doubt that the Alfa is one of my favorite portable herbal vaporizers, and certainty one of the best on the market today. You’d be hard-pressed to find another unit in the same price range as the Alfa, around $200, which performs as well.

Author: Millikesse