Introducing The New G Pro Vaporizer – Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition

The name sounds funny. Bush. C’mon say it: Bush! There’s nothing in the world that Snoop Dogg loves more than bush and weed. I guess that’s why Grenco Sciences decided to launch this product and name it after the West Coast Hip-Hop superstar. The G Pro Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition has been launched in essence to celebreate the release of “Snoop Lion’s” new album called (you guessed it)… BUSH!

The BUSH edition offers the same great features of the G-Pro like a three temperature settings system, a stainless steel chamber, a new elegant and sleek design inspired by Snoop Dogg’s new album. Even if you’re note a fan of Snoop Dogg or Hip-Hop music. the G-PRO BUSH edition actually looks pretty cool. For those who are into trendy and eye-catching products, the BUSH edition is clearly a product that many people will want to buy. And guess what? The BUSH edition comes with a code that you can redeem for a free digital copy of Snoop Dogg’s new album.

Recently, Grenco Sciences has been releasing many special/limited edition portable and pen vaporizers such as the G Pro DGK series, the G Pen Festival LE, or the G PRO Herbal Vaporizer Black Scale Edition. Essentially, all of your favorite Grenco Sciences vaporizers are now being realized in unique colors, elegant and sleek designs. We personally like some of the designs and add-ons like the leather trim around the Black Scale Edition.



Temperature Control

The BUSH edition features the same great three temperature system that the conventional G-Pro uses. The same great and easy-to-use system that allows you to switch over to the right temperature to get plenty of clouds.


Grenco is one of the most trusted manufacturers of vaporizers in today’s vape world. Having said that, with the BUSH you’re getting all of the great craftsmanship along with a new and elegant look that the BUSH has to offer.

Good Dry Herb Vaporization

This is a true convection (no combustion) unit which basically means that you won’t be burning your herb and you’ll be getting 100% vaporization. This unit comes with a stainles steel heating chamber which enables your herbs to release its best elements without any sort of harmful byproducts.



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