KandyPens Skycloud Vape Review

kandypens skycloud vape pen review

The SkyCloud made by KandyPens is a 3-in-1 vaporizer that is capable of vaporizing wax, dry herbs and juice.  The SkyCloud packs a powerful punch with 4.2 volts and is equipped with a high quality dual lithium ion battery.  The vaporizer can max out at eight hours of use on just a single charge.  Recharging the battery only takes around an hour or two so by the time your weed wears off you will be ready to start vaping again.  The SkyCloud was designed and developed in Santa Barbara, CA over the course of a year.  The team at KandyPens reported that they spent 1000’s of hours on research and development to build a high quality portable vaporizer pen that delivers the results vaporists want.  It comes in a ton of different colors which is nice and if you spring for the SkyCloud VIP Ultimate Edition Kit you are going to get a ton of different goodies.  The VIP Kit comes with the lithium ion battery, liquid atomizer, wax atomizer, herb atomizer, USB charging kit, cleaning brush, packing tool, glass globe atomizer, replacement liquid atomizer, replacement wax atomizer, replacement herb atomizer, leather sleeve lanyard and a car charger.  Overall this is a sexy pen that does exactly what it claims to but as is the case with all vape pens it is a real possibility that combustion will occur with your herbs.

What are the Experts saying?

King – Love the glass globe

Boasting some of the most thorough reviews of any vaporizer review website Vapor Review Blog inspected each and every element of the KandyPens SkyCloud.  King says that while he expected this vaporizer pen to be just like every other vape pen he has ever tried he was surprised by the SkyCloud and enjoyed the pen.  The pictures in their review are great and demonstrates just how easy it is to combust your herbs with a pen vaporizer.

“My first thought upon agreeing to review the SkyCloud was, “This is going to be like any other pen vaporizer, use one you’ve used them all.” As it turns out, I’m wrong again on that count.  While I haven’t used any other oval battery vaporizers, I have experience with other pen vaporizers (Dabbler, Omicron mini, etc…) and those are all just a bit different from each other. Enough to keep it interesting.  The SkyCloud has one of the taller concentrate atomizers I’ve seen for its body style. Both the concentrate and dry herb chambers can be unscrewed from the bottom of the cart, the dry herb and concentrate containers have interchangeable cart bottoms.”

 Michael Booker – Will not be disappointed!

Another great review that goes through the pros and cons of each individual attachment.  Michael was also pleasantly surprised by the SkyCloud and noted that it was not just another cheap knock off.  He says that it is his vape of choice when he is on the go and prefers to vape wax with it.  If you plan on vaping dry herbs with this pen be prepared for some charring.

KandyPens Wax Vape

“Now although I get a decent size hit from the normal concentrate attachment, the glass attachment has a larger mouthpiece for increased air 2flow.  This lets you gets some really good hits!  The only reason that I will switch back to the straight concentrate atomizer is for situations where I think the glass could break.  Otherwise, this is my go to atomizer.  The concentrate atomizer was my second favorite atomizer.  Now I am a bit biased because I tend to always gravitate towards concentrate vapes.  This is mainly because I don’t typically have to worry about leaks as long as I allow the material to solidify before moving after a session.  That and the dispensary that I go to usually has a better selection of concentrates than liquids.”

 Logan Voss – 9 out of 10

While he scored the dry herb chamber much higher than I would have I agree with most of his other points.  The review compliments  KandyPens efforts at creating a great first impression that begins with the packaging and ends with the pen itself.  He reports being shocked by the level engineering that went into the wax atomizer and says the hits he was able to generate were spectacular.

“It’s pretty hard to mess up this type of atomizer. The reason being, the technology is out there for everybody to use, and simply put – all it requires is a coil and wick. Starting my testing with this in mind, I was pretty shocked – just looking at the engineering of the atomizer it was much different than any other concentrate atomizer I had seen before. Not only is it’s design on point, the hits were spectacular. The concentrates were slowly vaped, and the cleanup was much easier than any device I’ve ever used. No more cleaning after every hit, no more losing dabs in between the edges of the coil – just dab dab dab until your heart’s content.”

 How to use the KandyPens SkyCloud

As always we have scraped the internet looking for the best informational videos about to operate the KandyPens SkyCloud trifunctional vaporizer pen.  The first video is 11 minutes long and very informative.  It starts with the unboxing of the vaporizer and shows all of the different attachments and accessories.  The second video is a short and sweet demo that hits all the major talking and doesn’t waste any time.  The third and final video was produced by KandyPens themselves and features Graham D. Gibson along with some user testimonials.  It is as much as an advertisement as it is an instructional video but it is definitely still worth watching.

Author: Millikesse