Pax – Vape Review

Review of Pax Vaporizer Station

Review of Pax Vaporizer Station

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The Pax is pretty sexy, there is no doubt about that.  The real question however is does it vape like high end vaporizer should?  It is most often compared to the Pinnacle Pro and to the Ascent because of their points and visual appeal.  The Pax has a retractable mouthpiece that you click up and down, it is already a pretty small device but this helps it to become even more compact.  You will have the option to vape at three different temperatures, Yellow is 370F, Orange is 390F and Red is a whopping 410F which is pretty good for a portable vaporizer of this size.

If you max out the Pax on Red you will get about an hour and a half of vaping before you need to charge the vaporizer.  The herbal chamber is a bit small but not terribly small, you can load about .15-.25 grams of finely ground marijuana at a time.  It is very easy to use and has a very small learning curve, after about 2-3 sessions you should be dialed in and getting large clouds of vapor.  The heat up time is about 30 seconds and that is relatively fast for a vape of this size with such a small battery.

Pax Vaporizer Station Technical Specifications

Pax Vaporizer Station Technical Specifications

What do the Experts think?

Bee Shapiro – Subtle

The writer for the NYT recently discussed vaporizers as a new deilvery mechanism for marijuana.  He also talked about the how and why Adam Bowen and James Monsees set out to create this revolutionary portable herbal vaporizer.

Holding the Pax Portable Vaporizer

Pax Portable Vaporizer

The Pax ($249.99), housed in a lightweight opaque oval tube with a retractable click-out mouthpiece, may be subtle. But the company that makes it, Ploom, has been aggressive about promotion, marketing at events like the Sundance Film Festival and Aspen Food and Wine Classic, and it recently sponsored the after-party for the New York premiere of the film “Charlie Countryman.”

Their new hit product (no pun intended) was conceived by two friends, Adam Bowen and James Monsees, who have master’s degrees in product design from Stanford. They are hardly slacker stoners. Mr. Monsees said that while he’s personally “very much in favor of what’s happening on the legalization of marijuana front,” the two came up with the idea when discussing tobacco smoking.

Damon Lavrinc – iPod of Vaporizers

Comparing the Pax to the iPod makes sense, they are both beautiful pieces of cutting edge technology that are not only functional but extremely stylish.  While writing about the Pax for WIRED magazines website Damon Lavrinc put the Pax through its paces, you can read the full article here.

Purple Pax Vaporizer

Purple Pax Vape

The Pax measures a little over four inches long and about an inch and a half wide, with a subtly curved aluminum frame. The materials and the quality of the finish equal what’s found on a premium mobile device. On the bottom is a removable, magnetized lid that covers the stainless steel “oven” and keeps your smokeables in place. At the top is a mouthpiece that, when depressed, pops out and activates the heating element.

Ploom recommends grinding your herbs into relatively fine pieces and lightly tamping them down into the bowl with the magnetized lid. After loading it, you push the mouthpiece down to switch it on. The mouthpiece pops back out and a star-shaped light on the body begins glowing purple as the oven begins to heat.

Tim Donnelly – Upscale, High-Tech

Tim reviews the Pax along with a few other of the more popular vaporizers out there like the G Pen, the Volcano and the DaVinci portable vaporizer.  The article is centered around a generation of professionals that are taking their marijuana consumption more seriously than those that came before them.  If you would like to read his entire post then just click the link here.

Vaporizer Station Pax

Vaporizer Station Pax

Unlike traditional smoking devices, which burn marijuana directly, there is no ash or harsh smoke. (Vaporizers originally caught on in the early ’90s with asthma and cancer patients who got high for either recreational or medicinal purposes.)

The devices are fair 2ly simple to operate: Users place a few pinches of marijuana into a small compartment, then press a button to activate a heating element that operates much like a convection oven, stripping the plant’s cannabinoids — including its psychotropic THC molecules — and releasing a vapor containing just the good stuff. (The portable devices use rechargeable batteries; pricier at-home models run off power cords.)

How to use the Pax Vaporizer

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How to use the Pax

How to use the Pax

If you still want to learn more about the Pax herbal weed vaporizer kick off your shoes and enjoy some Youtube videos.

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