Pinnacle Pro – Vape Review

Introducing the Pinnacle Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Introducing the Pinnacle Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Our Vaperspective

They set out with the mentality of beating the Pax as the best portable vape and I think they have done just that and in spades. After all the hard the hard work they put into re-designing  the original Pinnacle they also made it more versatile and it can vaporize oils and waxes something the Pax will never be able to do.  When you add to the fact that you can attach the Hydrotube I think we have a clear winner here.  The Pinnacle Pro has around a two and a half hour battery life, the Pinnacle Pro is capable of heating up in around 30-45 seconds.  When you first get this vape you dont have to worry about doing a dru burn either, Pinnacle takes care of that before they ship them out.  Overall 9.1/10

What do the Experts Think?

VaporBluntReview – 5 Stars

As you can probably tell by the name only reviews Vapor Blunt products and a lot like Smokazon I feel that they have a vested interest in writing a glowing review that overlooks some of the Pinnacle Pro’s faults.  I still feel that the review is good and well worth a quick read.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Station Review

Pinnacle Pro Handheld Vape Reviewed by Vaporizer Station

“VaporBLUNT is at it again. Never resting on their laurels they took one of the best vapes out there, the Pinnacle, and decided to go ahead and make some highly requested improvements. We’ve seen this before both with the Palm and the original VaporBLUNT with some pretty good results. But is it worth picking up a new one? Should you just stick with the original? All valid questions that need some answering. Read on and see how I felt the Pinnacle Pro stacked up against the original I loved so much.”

Smokazon – Slim, Compact

You can take this review with a grain of salt, Smokazon reviewed the Pinnacle Pro here but they also sell the Pinnacle Pro so they might be be a little biased.  The review still covers pretty much everything and is very thorough however so it is worth a read if you are on the fence.

Reviewing the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

Photo of a brand new Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer being reviewed at Vaporizer Station

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is slim and compact, enough to slide in your pocket without worrying of it accidentally turning on, and the folks at VaporBlunt have taken the feedback from consumers about the Pinnacle Classic and made vast improvements on this model.  But you’re right, there are so many portable and pen vaporizers in the market already that has changed the way use vaporizers, so what sets this one apart? Think Apple, when they released the very first iPhone model, it has changed a generation’s perspective with using smartphones that it has now become a commodity.

Leaf Science – 7.5/10

Other vaporizer authorities like Leaf Science have also chimed in on the Pinnacle Pro, while they didn’t offer an explicit opinion they did give it an overall score of 7.5/10.  We feel that score is pretty low and rated it much higher, but that is why we take the time to source opinions from different people and organizations.

“The Pinnacle Pro is one of the smallest convection vaporizers on the market. It offers a number of improvements over the original Pinnacle by VaporBLUNT, including five temperature presets and an optional water attachment.”

Learn How to Use the Pinnacle Pro

At the end of the day we can all agree that this is one the best portable vaporizers out on the market right now.  It is small, compact and extremely powerful and now you can also vaporize cannabis concentrates.  I would recommend starting out on the number three setting and then moving up to level four, that way you will be able to extract the maximum amount of vapor possible without combustion.  If you are new to vaping and having questions about which vaporizer to choose this is a great weed to vape to start out with.  If you have more questions about the Pinnacle Pro handheld portable vape take a second and watch a few of these videos.