The MiVape Vaporizer Is Almost Here

Hoping to build on the success they’ve seen from their high-tech, dual function desktop unit, the viVape, Vaporfection is finally ready to release their first portable vaporizer – the miVape.

It appears as though the highly anticipated miVape is set to be released in June, as one retailer is now accepting pre-orders.

It’s been a little over a year since we first caught wind of this little guy. Per usual, it appears as though there was a little bit of a hiccup in production, but it seems all necessary adjustments have been made. We here at VaporizerStation were lucky enough to get our hands on the miVape at a recent vaporizer expo. Here’s what we think.

Discreet & Portable

Just because a vaporizer doesn’t have any wires or cords doesn’t mean it’s great for discreet vaping on-the-go. Have you ever tried to fit a G-Pro in your pocket? Not gonna happen. Or how about a Mighty? Good luck.

That being said, we’re huge fans of the miVape’s ergonomic, ultra-portable design. It’s about the same size as a smart phone (albeit considerably wider) and feels very comfortable in your hand as well as in your pocket. Adding to it’s portable appeal, the glass draw-stem (which we’ll also talk about) folds back into the unit when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it while you’re out-and-about.


All glass components

This is what we’re most excited about. The miVape utilizes an all glass vapor delivery system – from the heating element all the way to the draw-stem. Starting in the heart of the unit, the vapor produced from convection heating the dry herbs packed in the glass herb chamber then travels through a uniquely designed glass spiral vapor and is then drawn into the glass draw-stem. Since the vapor never touches anything but glass during it’s entire lifespan, you’re getting the purest vapor possible. While taste is often compromised by units who use plastic or metal components, the miVape only delivers the true flavor of your herbs.


Temperature Control

Using the simple to operate +/- buttons located on the front of the unit, the miVape can be set at any temperature up to 430°F. Heat and battery levels can be viewed on an LED display, which makes it easy to know what temperature your vaporizing at and how much longer your session will last. Having complete temperature control and LED display are nice touches, considering the much higher priced Crafty has neither of these (unless you download the Crafty’s app which allows for more precise heat control).

Bottom line

Retailing for just $260, it’s hard not to get excited about everything the miVape has to offer at such an affordable price. We’re really looking forward to its June release, and will try to be as patient as humanly possible until then.

Author: Millikesse