The New G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Black Scale Edition is Here!

This is one of the most stylish and sleek vaporizers to come out in 2020. Grenco Technologies, the manufacturer of this product really outdid themselves with this one. Already a fan of the regular G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, this new edition is slightly more expensive but uses some of the newest and best technology available in today’s vaporizer world.

Beautiful Aesthetics – Black Scale Edition

The Black Scale features a nice leather trim and an all-black, sleek look. As with any herbal vaporizer, you want to have some temperature control settings in order to not combust (burn) your herb. The Black Scale has this are covered as it features three temperature settings. The heat up time on this unit is also fair 2ly decent as it only takes approximately one minute before you can start vaping away.

The great thing about this vaporizer is the quality and value. The amount of money that you’re paying for this will deliver a performance that you only normally get with vaporizers that cost upwards of $200. The Black Scale Edition starts only at $129.95.

As far as materials go, this vaporizer comes with a stainless steel heating chamber, which enables this unit to produce cleaner vapor. You won’t be tasting metal when you vape with this unit. The only downside to this unit is the plastic mouthpiece, as they tend to get gunky and/or influence the taste in the vapor.


The G Pro Herbal Black Scale Edition comes with a mouthpiece, one filter, five filter screens, a cleaning brush, two extended mouthpiece sleeves and a USB charger.

Again, this vaporizer it really delivers great value per dollar. It also gives you the performance that most herb vaporizers don’t as far quality vapor and non-combustion. This is not your typical, cheap vape pen that burns your herb. Expect better results and better battery life as well. In fact, although the battery life on this unit is fair 2ly decent, don’t expect it to last you more than 3 hours.

The best thing about this pen is its design and value. While this version of G Pro is really an improvement over the previous G Pro portable vaporizers, it still falls short in terms of performance compared to some of the better-known, premium portable vaporizers in the market like the Crafty, the Pax or the Mighty. Don’t expect to get more than what you’re paying for!


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