Tips: Magic Flight Launch Box

Most of the questions that have come in so far have had to do with the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer so today I am going to answer some of the most common ones.

Question: Do I need to remove the battery every time after I take a draw from the MFLB?
Answer: No, you do not have to remove the battery every single time but you do need to make sure that you break contact. As long as your push back ring is functioning properly all you have to do is stop pressing down on the battery and the power will be turned off to the vaporizer.

Question: Should I be taking lots of small and fast draws or should I be taking long slow draws?
Answer: I would recommend inhaling deeply by taking long slow draws, that way you get the vapor all the way down deep into your abdomen.  Some people prefer to take small quick hits but I find that far less effective and believe it to be a waste of weed.

Question: If my weed turns black that means I have combusted my herbs right?
Answer: That is not always true, the black coloration is a result of the complete lack of oxygen in the plant material. You will know you have combusted your herbs when see ash. If you are seeing black though you have potentially overheated some of your active ingredients and as a result will not get the same high. You want to see a rich brown color in your ABV (already been vaped) weed after you have finished vaping.

Question: What is “Native Style” and why should I be using it?
Answer: The short answer is that when vaping Native Style you will be able to more accurately control the temperature because the vapor is closer to your mouth. There is also no condensation you will be getting all of the active ingredients that would have other been collected in the whip or draw stem. Lastly it is convinient not carry around the glass tube when you have your MFLB in pants pocket. Every should try vaping Native Style atleast a few time, it is a completely different experience than your would expect.

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