Top 10 Vaporizers

Here are our current Top 10 favorite vaporizers of 2022:

      1. Herbalizer Vaporizer – Our Top-Rated Vape

        Herbalizer – This is one of the hottest new vaporizers to hit the scene in a long time.  We got a chance to demo the unit and absolutely love it, it has a super fast heat-up time and is very powerful.  The quality of the vapor it produces is unparalleled so, not even the Volcano can produce vapor that tastes this clean.  The price tag is hefty but that is to be expected with a unit that has the raised the permanently for desktop vaporizers everywhere.

      2. Ascent Vaporizer – The Best Reviewed Portable Vape

        Ascent – The Ascent is another newcomer to the vaporizer Top 10 list here at Vaporizer Station.  The all glass air 2 path is revolutionary and the unit itself is a pleasure to operate and easy to use.  It is a little bit heftier than the Pax but much more powerful, the upgraded battery really super-charges the heating element delivers a very fast heat up time.  If you are the fence and trying to decide between this and the Pax I would strongly recommend going with the Ascent.

      3. Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer – The Best Portable Vape for Herbs Only

        Arizer Solo 2 – Anyone that has been in the vape game for more than a few months has surely heard about the Arizer Solo 2 by now.  Largely regarded as the premiere portable weed vaporizer for years it still ranks among the best.  The few issues that people had with it they have addressed in the new model, the largest of the complaint was that you were unable to vape while the unit was charging.  Now that they have that taken care of the Arizer Solo should continue to deliver tasty through the glass draw stem for years to come.  While it is slightly less portable than favorites like the MFLB or Palm vaporizer the power of heating element and fast heat up time more than make up for it.

      4. Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer – The Top Affordable Portable Vape

        MFLB – The Magic Flight Launch Box probably has the strongest cult following of any vaporizer out there, so much so that they even have their own subreddit filled with die-hard vaporists.  The almost instant heat up time makes this device perfect for helping you stay stealthy when you need to vape discreetly.  If you happen to be at home and are looking for a power upgrade you can get the MFLB power adapter and the Magic Flight Orbiter (used for water filtration) and have a truly exceptional vaping experience.

      5. VapirRise Vaporizer – The Most Versatile Home Vape

        Vapir Rise – Now entering its Sophomore year on the Top 10 the list the Vapir Rise shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Features such as the HEPA air 2 filter and multi-user whip attachment have really set this vaporizer apart from other desktops.  The adjustable fan speed is nice the heat settings are easy to manipulate with stylish touch sensitive buttons that glow in the dark for easy operation.  The fact that the Vapir Rise is capable of filling balloon bags or utilizing a whip is one of the reasons it gained popularity so quickly.

      6. Pax Vaporizer – The Celebrity’s Choice for Herbs on the Go

        Pax – The Pax had so much surrounding it when it debuted that there was almost no way it wasn’t going to be a success.  Where is loses a few points for battery power and the constant need to be cleaned it earns a extra for being arguably the sexiest looking vaporizer around.  Personally I don’t use this vaporizer as my day-to-day traveler but the staff here at Vaporizer Station wouldn’t let me leave it off the list.  It’s gotten loads of attention thanks to the exposure given by celebrities like George Lopez, Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), and Doug Benson. If they fixed the mouthpiece issue and made it a bit more durable I would give the Pax a higher ranking.

      7. Firefly Vaporizer – Fastest Heat-Up Time for Herbs

        Firefly – Another newcomer to the weed vape area is Firefly, a beautiful and stylish vaporizer that looks like it could make the cover of GQ one day.  The Firefly is a convection vaporizer that comes with a high powered lithium-ion battery, a charging adapter, one carrying bag and a cleaning kit.  You can also get it in three different colors, Silver, Black or Red.  If you want something slightly more customized you can mix and match the Top Cover and Battery Doors which are all available separately for sale on their website.

      8. Silver Surfer Vaporizer – The Classic Whip Vape for Herbs at Home

        SSV – The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is probably the most prolific whip-style vaporizer ever created.  It wont fill any balloon and it does not feature an automatic shut-off feature, all that it does is vape and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer does that extraordinarily.  With the SSV you will a hand made glass marble pick, hand made glass marble temperature knob and an awesome looking carrying case.  If you plan on doing a lot of vaping in the comfort of your home and need a vaporizer that is going to deliver every time and stick around for years to come this is probably the number vaporizer I would recommend to friends and family.

      9. G-Pen Vaporizer – The Top-Rated Oil and Wax Vape

        G Pen – This is a great little dab pen, and we have been taking some flack for including it in the Top 10 for a reasons.  The first is that generally speaking with few exceptions all wax pens ARE created equal.  The second reason being that people feel the aggressive #GLife marketing campaign has lead to delusions of grandeur by the G Pens proponents.  But at the end of the day if you need a good wax pen that looks good too you can’t go wrong with the G Pen, just make sure that you clean it regularly and keep it charged.  I was close to putting C-Rig Glass Globe vaporizer on here but I lost it recently so I didn’t get a chance to really put it through its paces, when I get my next one and thoroughly test it I might be switching out the G Pen for the C-Rig.

      10. Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer – The Most Versatile Vape for the Price

        Pinnacle Pro – Out of all the portables on here the Pinnacle Pro might be my favorite.  It is 10th on the list because I felt it was unfair 2 to rank it with the Hydrotube attached.  If you include the Hydrotube than this is hands down the best one on the list but since it is an accessory and does not come standard (unless you get the DLX kit which is an upgrade) we had to take it down a notch.  The battery life is above average, the thickness of vapor is great, above the Pax but a hair 2 below the Arizer Solo and durability is great.  I have dropped it a few times and had zero issues.