Vape Review: Arizer Solo

Black and Silver Arizer Solo

Black and Silver Arizer Solo

Our Vaperspective

Listen to others speak about the Arizer Solo and you hear nothing but high praise with little complaints. The solo is always proclaimed to be the best of the best in terms of portable vaporizers. A bit skeptical, I jumped in head first this past weekend.

Arizer Solo Vape Review

Arizer Solo Vape Review

First is holding the actual vaporizer in your hands, the unit itself is solid. The Solo has some weight to it, which with any electronics is preferred. I can hold this thing without feeling like I can crush it with by bare hands. My love for the unit faded a bit when I got my hands on the glass draw stem. I was not a fan at all! Took away from the portability of the unit, I felt like it was going to break on the car ride home. Now don’t get me wrong, I could just be highly paranoid since I only had the one draw stem to work with, but this thing feels fragile. Regardless, the glass tubes do have a purpose, and you will read that they work out fantastic.

Speaking with anyone about the Arizer Solo and you will always hear the same things. First, it’s easy to use, second, the vapor production is excellent and last but not least, the great flavors of your herb are preserved by the glass draw stem. Well, my experience was exactly that! To turn the unit on, you hit the up and down arrows simultaneously then you can select your preferred temperature setting. I used my unit at the 4th temperature setting. The great thing for this unit, once the unit has reached temperature, you fill your herbs in the end of the glass tube! The glass tube itself has a screen like piece of glass with four holes to allow for that hot air 2 to be passed through your ground up herbs, without sucking any of those loose leaves into your mouth. The Solo reached temperature, it was finally time for me to use the king of portable vapes.

Portable Weed Vaporizer Arizer Solo

Portable Weed Vaporizer Arizer Solo

My first pull from the Arizer Solo was uneventful like my first draw from the NO2. Paranoia crept up, worried I was doing something wrong, still I pushed forward. Second draw, a little more vapors, some great taste was showing through. Now, by my third and fourth pull, it was like night and day. The clouds were comparable to when I am smoking my herbs. I am truly hooked at this point. The flavors of my herbs were actually really prevalent. It was nice to taste something that was not resin when taking in my flowers. My first experience with the Solo lasted about 6-8 good solid hits. When I was finished, clean up was simple, threw out the used up herb in the glass tube and a quick sweep of any loose leafs in the heating chamber and we’re all set!

What can I say about the Arizer Solo that hasn’t already been said? I wish the glass tubes weren’t so fragile. But it’s glass, what can you expect? The Arizer Solo, the only thing that would make it perfect would be if it turned on and loaded itself.

What are the Experts saying?

Ben Livingston – Mission accomplished!

Writing for The Cannabist is not an easy job, but it does have its perks.  Not only does Ben Livingston write the Pot Column for The Stranger but he also enjoys reviewing vaporizers.  In this succinct review of the Arizer Solo he details how to properly draw from the Arizer Solo and the home remedies that can be used to increase air 2 flow.

Reviewing the Solo Vaporizer by Arizer

Cleaning the Arizer Solo

“The vapor from the Solo tastes great, presumably owing to the glass stem and a short air 2 path separated from the vaporizer’s electronic components. One small benefit over the Ascent and its glass air 2 path is that the Solo stands upright on its own — life is about small comforts, right? And it’s made in Canada, that country to the north whose marijuana we used to buy. (Remember those days, Canada?)”

Jay Smoker – Raised the bar

One of favorite websites to frequent in between vape session is the The Weed Blog.  They have long been known for their brutally honest reviews and attention to detail.  Jay Smoker is a seasoned pot connoisseur that has made it his personal mission to educate the public about marijuana.  In his review of the Arizer Solo he noted that the device had an excellent battery life and delivered thick, smooth and tasty vapor.

“Where other portable vaporizers with a built-in battery can be somewhat bulky and are often aesthetically not very pleasing, the Arizer Solo stands out here. In an upright position it measures about the size of a small can of soda. It has a sturdy and durable feel to it and the unit itself – the glass mouthpiece excluded – looks like it can take a beating. Speaking of the glass mouthpiece (or ‘stem’): I believe the big, tasty hits (the best I’ve experienced from a portable so far) can be attributed to the use of glass on this crucial part. No nasty plastic smells or taste, just pure and thick vapor!”

Matthew Price – Perfect Size

Arizer Solo with Water Filtration

Arizer Solo with Water Filtration

One of the more pointed and in your face writers at Medical Jane goes by the name of Matthew Price.  He lives in California and is a very outspoken proponent of marijuana legalization  and has been for a long time.  In his review of the Arizer Solo he talks about the simple to use, low-tech design that defines the vaporizer.  He ends the review by saying that the Arizer Solo is justified in price and produces higher quality vapor than other similarly priced vaporizers.

“All in all, I find it much more convenient than setting up stationary vaporizers like the Vapir Rise, and the vapor quality is much better than that of most portable vaporizers. It seemed hard to pull at first, but I was soon able to adapt and take long, smooth draws from the diffuser. I found the Solo to produce thick clouds of tasty vapor, providing for an incredibly relaxing medicating session.”

Chris Wright – A Great Vaporizer

Selectism Magazine has long been known for their hipster point of view, but that didn’t stop them from reviewing the Arizer Solo.  While they may know more about leather jackets than marijuana Chris Wright’s review of the Arizer Solo was pretty spot on.  He brings attention to the fact that while the Arizer Solo is slightly less portable than the Pax it still delivers superior vapor.

Silver Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Silver Arizer Solo

“The sleek silver body comes with two different glass mouthpiece pipes (straight and whip), each of which holds your tobacco or other organic product within a small sieve at its bottom. Prepping is easy: just fill the pipe, select a heat setting, and insert the pipe (upside down) into the body. While we’re discussing pros, let’s not forget one of the Arizer’s biggest: extreme control over temperature settings, on a 1-7 scale. What’s more, the thing holds a charge. Though you can’t use it while it charges, once it’s fully juiced, the Arizer lasts for 4 hours of use.”

 How to use the Arizer Solo

While the Arizer Solo is a pretty straight forward and easy to use device there can be a bit of a learning curve when you first start to vape.  We recommend watching some of these Youtube videos before getting started.  The last thing you want to do is break your Arizer Solo before you get to know it.

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