Vape Review: Herablizer

Herbalizer at Vaporizer Station

Herbalizer at Vaporizer Station

Our Vaperspective

This is definitely one of the hottest new vaporizers to hit the scene in a very long time.  It was designed to take the place of Volcano as Top Dog and we here at Vaporizer Station believe they did just that.  It features one of the fastest heat up times of any desktop vaporizer out there utilizing a 300 watt halogen bulb.  They claim that the Herbalizer was developed by NASA engineers and judging by the quality of the vapor I really don’t care if it is true are not.  Powered by a 32MHz 16-bit processor the Herbalizer also comes with a 2 year warranty.  The price is significant but if you want to “Vape like a Boss” than sticker shock should not be an issue for you.

What do the Experts Think?

Paint the Moon – Revolutionary

One of the newer vaporizer review sites to hit the web this year Paint the Moon has quickly become one of the best resources for information about vaporizers on the internet.  They have shown a great commitment to writing thorough reviews and regularly post new articles pertaining to vapes.

“The Herbalizer is a game changer. It does what the best vape currently on the market can do, and then it does so much more. It is the only multi-use vaporizer that performs perfectly in both functions.

Really, the only downside is the high price. At $729, it is really one of the most expensive vaporizers you can get, but it is more than worth it if you have the money. If you are thinking about justifying the cost of this vape, do it. I can tell you right now that it will be worth every penny.”

Lazylathe – Must Buy

Lazylathe is a prominent member of the forum over at, a MMJ growing community that has been around for years.  He wrote a raving review of the Herbalizer vaporizer that you can read online here.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Station Review 003“I love how accurate this vape is, set it at 195 degrees C and i can vape for 20 minutes with nice clouds.  As soon as they start to get less dense, bump up the temp another 5 degrees and BAM! Vapor again, just as dense!  I work the bowl this way up to the top temp of 229 Degrees C or 445 F till i get no more vapour.”

Herbalist – Beyond Impressed

The Herbalist is a featured writer over at and is known for his no-nonsense attitude.  He started writing for the website back in May of 2012 and has been publishing articles ever since.  You can read is entire review of the Herbalizer here.

 Vaporizer Station Herbalizer Review“Sometimes you only start to understand or appreciate something after you’ve experienced it. For me it hasn’t really started to sink in until now that I’ve had one of these units at home to play with for a while.  People have been talking about vape signatures for awhile and for me the Herbalizer’s is extremely enjoyable. In a way it’s highly adjustable in 1 degree increments, and if I were to guess I’d put it at at least 90% convection. The stainless steel bowl does get warm especially after long periods of use at high temperatures, and one would think there may be some radiant heat going on with the halogen bulb, but based on my experience with other vaporizers this is the sweet, sweet signature of efficient convection in a well designed bowl. I think that the device’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature also plays an important part in the sig. This is flavor country.”

Learn how to use the Herbalizer

When I was vaping with the Herbalizer I preferred to use the “aromatherapy” mode, it was great for just relaxing and vaping at a slow relaxing pace.  We probably went through about two grams of weed in around an hour and we were really able to experience the full power of the indica.  If you are going to inflate some balloon bags I would recommend grabbing a few friends first.  Trying to conquer a full balloon on your own can be pretty daunting and you will definitely be very stoned afterwards.  I think that it took around 30 minutes to finish my Herbalizer balloon bag solo.  It is something that I probably won’t attempt again anytime soon.

If you want to learn more about the Herbalizer vaporizer just watch this quick little video made by the manufacturer.

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