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Volcano Classic Vaporizer Station (3)

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Station

Our Vaperspective

Everyone already knows a lot about the Volcano Classic so I will try and talk about some of lesser known advantages of it.  The first thing that comes to mind is how simple it is to use.  I know the dial does not look as cool as the Volcano Digital but trust me it is just as accurate.  If you are into vaping with balloon bags than it is hard to find a desktop weed vape that will inflate them better.  The only other vaporizer I think that is better than the Volcano is the Herbalizer but the Herbalizer will cost you a few extra bucks (*cough, few hundred).  The heat time is average in my opinion but the Volcano delivers noticeable results; this baby is built to last and will heat up reliably time after time for years to come.

What do the Experts Think?

MARILLOW – Thumbs Up

The industry insiders at Marillow had this to say about the Volcano Classic vaporizer:

“The original Volcano is revered by marijuana users worldwide. It incorporates patented technology that takes the part you want of marijuana (the drug and happy feeling) and separates it from what you don’t want (the leaves, branches, etc.)

Made in Germany, the Volcano works like this (high level, there are detailed instructions included and lots of videos online): You put the marijuana in the device (the one shaped like a volcano). Attach a clear bag (included) to it and turn it on. The bag inflates with pure marijuana gas. You then detach the bag and breath into it to take a hit.”


While researching the Volcano we came across this article from the National Institute of Health, which details the effects of vaporization on marijuana. Though it wasn’t intended to be a promotion for the product in question, the sheer fact that the NIH chose to use this particular vaporizer for an official study of the science of vaporization itself speaks volumes about the structural integrity and resiliency of the Volcano. Here’s what they had to say:

“What is currently needed for optimal use of medicinal cannabinoids is a feasible, nonsmoked, rapid-onset delivery system. Cannabis “vaporization” is a technique aimed at suppressing irritating respiratory toxins by heating cannabis to a temperature where active cannabinoid vapors form, but below the point of combustion where smoke and associated toxins are produced. The goal of this study was to evaluate the performance of the Volcano vaporizer in terms of reproducible delivery of the bioactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by using pure cannabinoid preparations, so that it could be used in a clinical trial. By changing parameters such as temperature setting, type of evaporation sample and balloon volume, the vaporization of THC was systematically improved to its maximum, while preventing the formation of breakdown products of THC, such as cannabinol or delta-8-THC. Inter- and intra-device variability was tested as well as relationship between loaded- and delivered dose. It was found that an average of about 54% of loaded THC was delivered into the balloon of the vaporizer, in a reproducible manner. When the vaporizer was used for clinical administration of inhaled THC, it was found that on average 35% of inhaled THC was directly exhaled again. Our results show that with the Volcano a safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system seems to be available to patients. The final pulmonal uptake of THC is comparable to the smoking of cannabis, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

GIZMODO – Thumbs Up

In his article “Taking the $670 Volcano Vaporizer for a Test Drive,” Adam Frucci at Gizmodo extols the Volcano’s efficiency at doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: vaporize your herbs without burning them, and getting you really, really stoned in the process:

“You simply pack some vaporizables into the heating chamber and pop that into your Volcano, which has a handy digital readout to let you decide exactly how hot you want it running (it still stays cool to the touch on the exterior). You then attach a vapor balloon to the top of the heating chamber. Over the course of about 30 seconds, it fills up with vapor (not smoke, mind you). You then snap on a mouthpiece and pass the balloon around It all sounds more complicated than it is.

So why is that so great? Well, it’s all about the vapor. The Volcano heats your vaporizables up, but not hot enough for combustion. That means all the nasty tar and toxins in your herbs don’t get released, just the active ingredients and flavors you’re looking for. What results is a healthier and cleaner-feeling experience. It also gets you high as shit.”

While Frucci laments the price of the Volcano Vaporizer, he hints (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) that the high-end professional stoner will get more than his/her money’s worth in coolness factor alone:

“So is it worth the cash? Well, not really. But if your a serious smkoer and you vae cash to burn, you will almost definitely absolutely love this thing and want to use it every day, not just because of the great experience but because of how good it looks. But if spending $700 on something to smoke with seems like a ludicrous and insane thing to do on your budget, it most definitely is. But hey, not everyone can afford a Porsche, either.”

Read the entire Gizmodo article here.

Learn How to Use the Volcano

Storz & Bickel created this helpful video for anyone wishing to learn how to use the Volcano Vaporizer.

If you have any specific questions you would like to see addressed just pop them in the comment section below.  Thanks again for reading!

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