Vapir No2 Vape Review

At first glance, the Vapir NO2 seems like an overwhelming device to handle, however after some time with it, I quickly realized that was not the case. The NO2 was actually really easy to use, even for a first timer like myself.

General use of the NO2 was surprisingly easy, to charge it you turn it on and plug it in. Don’t make my mistake of leaving this Vaporizer off when on the charger, because it won’t charge! I learned that the hard way two hours later. Heating this vaporizer up is simple. You hit the plus and minus button to adjust the temperature, hit the red power button and wait for that NO2 to reach temperature. Now, it didn’t take long at all to heat up, I would say, a couple minutes or so to get it to 365. There are times where it took a bit longer than usual, however that can be caused by the battery running low.

Vapir NO2

Once that NO2 has reached the set temperature, the fun begins! I took my herb, nice and ground up, unscrewed the top, poured my herb right into the chamber, screwed that top back on and attached my tube to the top. Now during my first use, I didn’t even notice the mouthpiece in the packaging; I took my hits straight from the tubing. I took my first two hits and didn’t see anything. Got to admit I was a little bit concerned. However, had to remember I am vaping, not smoking! Still, I decided to turn the heat up a bit to 380. I started getting some visible vapors and boy was I satisfied! I was able to get a good 5 or 6 hits off the unit before it was all done. Definitely more than I was able to get off my pipe that uses just a bit less herb in its bowl than used in the NO2.

Now, as I stated before, my everyday smoking method was from a 3 year old pipe clogged with resin, so smoking out of an old beer can would have tasted better. With the NO2, I can actually taste my herb! I have never had a smoking experience where I wasn’t left coughing and wheezing. In using this NO2, although a bit harsh towards the end, it was leaps and bounds a better experience than my now sad looking little pipe.

Nice and medicated, I decided it was probably a good time to clean this NO2 out. Easy enough, I dumped the used up herb out, made sure to gently scrape any leftover leaves off of the screen inside the chamber and any little particles off of the screen in the upper cap, boom, I was done. My battery was still full after one use, no need to plug it in again. I just set it to the side until I was ready to vape again. Overall, I was surprisingly satisfied with the Vapir NO2, not very portable, but it really does get the job done.

What are the Experts saying?

Feather Panther – I love this vape!

This glowing review posted on Reddit by Feather Panther summarizes the sentiment that a majority of Vapir NO2 users hold.

“I got into vaporizing around 7 years ago with a simple glass stem and then upgraded to a Vapor Daddy. That was fine for a few years, but then a friend of mine introduced me to his NO2. He let me borrow it for a week, but to be honest, within the first 10 mins. of the first use I said to myself, “I’ve got to get one of these.” So 2+ years ago I did, and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I won’t bother to go over all of the fine features that other knowledgeable vaporents have already covered in this thread, but I’d like to offer a simple list of why I love this vape:”

 Adam Frucci – Smooth, Flavorful

One of the more seasoned reviewers over at Gizmodo, Adam Frucci went into great detail about the Vapir NO2 and it’s portability.  While the comments on the post are almost better than the review itself I still recommend reading it the entire way through.  He goes on to note that the temperature setting is relatively accurate although there was slight adjustments that needed to be made during the session.

Handheld Portable Vaporizer

“And it works pretty well! I set the temperature at 380°, hit the heat button, and watched as the temp shot up 300° in about 90 seconds. I then filled it with my desired vaporizing substance and popped the top piece (with rubber hose and mouthpiece) on. The temperature would sometimes dip down a few degrees and then heat itself back up, but it stayed within 7 or 8 degrees of my set temperature the entire time it was running. The digital readout is also very accurate—I used an IR thermometer to confirm that the Vapir’s readout showed the exact temperature when it was both cool and running hot.”

 Vaporisateur – Impossible to combust

I found this very insightful review over on, Vaporisateur praises both the NO2’s efficiency and discreetness.  He vapes right in front of his wife and without her taking notice, when she does finally ask him what he is doing she was surprised.  The medical appearance of the device allows for you to vape more publicly without drawing the unwanted attention that some vaporizer pens can generate.

“I vaped about 3,5g in the NO2 today. I tried different temperatures, different drawing techniques, and I’m starting to really enjoy this unit over my MFLB… The ‘new unit plastic smell’ is completely gone at this point. For example, if I was to take my unit right now while it’s cold and I would draw through the whip, I would actually get a taste from my herb a little bit. So that ‘plastic smell’ is definetely gone.”

Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer Review

Espresso – Highly recommend

This review on brings up a valid point that others have mentioned as well, the Vapir NO2 can taste of plastic during the first use.  To combat this plastic taste you can soak the Vapir NO2 mouthpiece and draw stem in hot water before you use it.  It is also advisable to do a dry run, heat the unit to 400 degrees and let it cycle before loading any herbs or marijuana into the chamber.

NO2 Vaporizer

” I added the MJ and replaced the cap. I could instantly smell the herb. First couple draws were not very thick, but it got whiter as we smoked it. Two of us had about 10 tokes each on the same bowl and when it cooled down, i was able to easily clean it and the herb was just a nice brown color with no combustion.  All in all, I highly (hehe) recommend the NO2. I feel like I have discovered an amazing thing in it. all the positives and none of the negatives of MJ. Hope this is helpful to anyone on the hunt for a portable stealthy device.”

Vince – Remarkably simple

A review posted on Portable Vaporizer Pro by Vince goes on to talk about how easy the Vapir No2 is to clean and operate.  He award the device a 4.5 out of 5 possible stars and raves about the consistent temperature.  He experienced about two hours of continuous use per charge which will be about 5-6 sessions for your average vaporist.

Willie Nelson Vaping NO2

“Charging is a little unique in that it comes with a small battery pack which is charged separately and inserted into the bottom of the unit. On one hand, this is great because getting multiple batteries means that you can still vape while charging. On the other hand, extra batteries can add up, so you may be stuck just waiting a few hours for it to fully charge. Using the Vapir No2 was also really simple. There are two places that you need to turn it on, one is a switch on the side which activates the digital readout, and the other is a button on the front hat actually turns on the heating element.”

How to use the Vapir NO2

If you still want to learn more about the Vapir NO2 check out these super helpful Youtube videos.  For any unanswered questions don’t hesitate to post a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter.

Author: Millikesse