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At first look, the Vapir Rise is intimidating. Taking a look at the manual for basic heating instructions I felt my eyes go cross eyed in confusion. Regardless, I have been excited to try out a dual use vaporizer for a while, with the Vapir Rise being my first, let’s dive right in.

VapirRise with filled Balloon Bag

The Vapir Rise looks like one complicated unit. Once you get down to it, it is actually surprisingly easy to use. I wanted to get started with using the whip on this unit. Similar to my experience with the NO2, I immediately ditched the Vapir mouthpiece and pulled directly from the whip tubing itself. Attempting to get started, the supposed quick start guide was annoyingly congested, still I moved on. After some time with the unit it becomes a fair 2ly easy process. I flipped the switch on the unit, set my temperature to 365 and hit the heat button up. I proceeded to unscrew the bottom nut from the herb chamber, filled it with my nicely ground up blend, closed it up, and packed it down. As for the whip, simply attach it the nifty multi-user adapter, screw it into the herb chamber and placed in back into the heating chamber. Now, do not make the same mistake I did. Upon getting everything screwed in, I saw the temperature was reached by light turning from red to green, and I immediately began to take my draw. This was a bit incorrect on my end, with any vaporizer you need to let those dry herbs sit a bit to reach temperature. Or else you will end up like I did, taking my pull from the whip with slight flavor, but nothing in terms of vapors.

After getting everything straightened out, the Vapir Rise hits the spot nicely. With the fan on during use with the whip, I didn’t have to take in those long drawn out hits I was used to with other vaporizers. This thing shoots the vapors right out to you. Beware, one of my complaints on this unit is the inability to turn the fan off completely. When you are done taking a draw, you can only relax while holding the tip of your whip plugged with your finger to ensure none of those precious vapors are escaping. Although some would prefer there not be a fan for this reason, it’s not a show stopper for the Vapir Rise.

Review of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer

This being my second experience with a balloon system vaporizer, setting up the balloon took some time to get right. After a few tries, it was easy enough. Place the o-ring over the balloon bag, insert the adapter and seal it up by rolling the ring over the adapter and clamping it in. The vapors from the unit are pleasant and tasty. I feel like balloons are simply meant for preference, not really my cup of tea. There is a place for them, however when solo vaping, they tend to be a lot of work.

In summation, although the Vapir Rise looks complicated, it is relatively easy to use. It will definitely find a place in someone’s home, just not mine. The vapor production was strong , the flavor was great and the price is good, however the dual functionality seems to really focus on a party setting where more than one person would be using either by passing the balloon around or attaching 4 whips to the multi-user adapter.

What are the Experts saying?

David Downs – Whisper Quiet

One of our favorite writers at Smell the Truth is David Downs so we got really excited when we heard he would be reviewing the Vapir Rise.  He compares the Rise to the Volcano and details how much lighter and more slender the vaporizer is.  He talks about the temperature range involved with vaporization and the differences between vapor and smoke.

Multi-user Attachment

“Out of the box, the VapirRise is much lighter and more slender than the Volcano, with a cool, blue LED touchpad that allows you to set the temperature to between 150 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. (The main active ingredient in marijuana, THC, vapes at around 380, according to reports.) The quick-set-up instructions were easy enough to follow for “direct inhalation” mode – where you vape through a plastic tube attachment. The Rise warms up in under a minute and is whisper quiet. While it warms up, finely grind .2 grams of herb, pour it in the chamber, attach chamber to adapter, and adapter to device. The internal fan gently pushes invisible vapor out of the mouthpiece. High temperatures and slow fan speed equal denser vapor, and vice versa.”

Quixilvir – Freedom to Decide

The review posted on 420 Magazine is a great one, it is fair 2 and unbiased which is something that can be hard to find these days.  Quixilvir talks about the versatility of the Vapir Rise and loves the fact he can turn individual whips on and off, later in the review he talks about the balloon bag vapor delivery system and the advantages involved.

Front View of the Vapir Rise

“Getting started is a cinch, once you figure out what goes where with all the parts. Initial heating time can be achieved in 30 seconds (I’ve actually achieved a full vapor draw in under 30 seconds from power on to power off with this unit). Some people may prefer the whip to the balloons, and vice versa, so once your Vapir Rise unit is assembled in the configuration you prefer vaporization becomes quick and easy. As a side note, while writing this I decided to fill a balloon between sentences. After the first draw, I got…distracted. I came back to writing this review for around a half hour, and realized there was still a nearly full balloon in the bedroom. When I returned, there was still an inflated balloon which provided me with another nice draw.”

 Carole Smith – A Wonderful Product

Another great review that nails the pros and cons of the Vapir Rise including the much anticipated integration of a HEPA but also notes that the Vapir Rise does not come with a remote control.  In Carole’s review of the Vapir Rise on Oh Gizmo the process of filling the balloon bags is detailed along with the how to operate the fan and heat settings.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Base

“The Vapir Rise is billed as a dual-use vaporizer because you can either fill up a balloon, or use it “party-style” with a 4-way whip system. The adapter for the 4-way whip system features a valve on each end, so that anyone not using will not have vapour come out their end of the tube. The balloon on the other hand is closed by an intricate “Balloon Adapter” which also features an on/off valve. This is a wonderful addition that the Extreme Q lacked, and which allows the use of the balloon over an extended period without having to keep your thumb on the open end.”

How to use the Vapir Rise

Luckily for everyone the Vapir Rise has been reviewed by a lot of people already so there is ton of great videos out there to choose from.  While this first video might not be the most informative it is definitely the most fun, Dr. Greenthumb (B-Real of Cypress Hill) reviews the Vapir Rise and gives it a five-star rating.


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