White Rhino Hylo Vaporizer Review

white rhino hylo review

White Rhino has decided to add a true convection vaporizer to their extensive line of crappy convection pens (please – hold your applause until the end). Touted as a multi-function portable unit, the Hylo can be used with dry herb, wax and waxy oils. Priced at just under $200, I was anxious to see what sets the Hylo apart from the competition, specifically the Pinnacle Pro and the new Atmos Astra.


Right out of the gate, I was impressed by the look of they Hylo. The portable vaporizer market is filled with clone after clone, so it was encouraging to see White Rhino take some time to create an actual original vaporizer with a patented design. Aside from looking truly unique, the Hylo comes in a bunch of different colors – which is a nice change of pace from other portable units which typically are only offered in black.

After reading some other reviews, I knew I wasn’t going to like what came next. While I do like the look of the Hylo, I’m not a huge fan of how the unit feels in your hand. It’s light – too light. To be honest, it sort of feels cheaply made. As someone who tends to associate the build-quality of a vaporizer with it having an appropriate weight to mass ratio, I was already a bit skeptical of what type of longevity the Hylo would have, and how well it would perform in the long run.

Heat settings

They Hylo has three preset heat settings (Low – 374°F, Med – 392°F, High – 410°F), all of which fall into the temperature range I would normally vape at. I hate it when unit offer five settings, but all but two are essentially unusable because they’re either not hot enough or way too hot (this is my biggest gripe with the Atmos Astra). Something else I like about the Hylo is it’s quick heat-up time. In about 45 seconds, the High setting (410°F) is reached. That’s way quicker than the 90 seconds it takes the Pinnacle Pro and the Astra to reach a similar temperature.



When used with dry herb, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of vapor the Hylo produced. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for vaporizing wax or waxy oils. As with pretty much all portables that claim to be multi-function, the Hylo simply doesn’t get hot enough to fully vaporize said materials. That being said, I kind of wish that White Rhino would have just billed the Hylo as a exclusively an herbal unit and lowered the price by about $100 – it would then be a solid competitor to the G-Pro, K-Vape, Lux-D and all the other clones out there.

Bottom line

While I applaud the originality of the Hylo and it’s dry herb vaporization capabilities, I can’t say I’d spend $200 on it, considering it really doesn’t perform multi-function capabilities all that well. As the Atmos Astra is a very similar unit and priced at around $120, unless White Rhino is willing to cut into their margins and offer the Hylo at a more reasonable price, I don’t really see this unit achieving anything but mediocre sales.

Author: Millikesse